New Website for Casita Verde now online. Established in 1996, Greenheart Ibiza is legally represented by the non-profit Asociación Ibiza Ecologic, which offers a special open-day and fundraising event each Sunday at Casita Verde. All are welcome to join a global family of 16,000+ members. Read our …

Casita Verde Ibiza

Greenheart Ibiza is operated by an NGO called Ibiza Ecologic, which was registered as a legal association on the island in January 1996.

We believe that everyone has a ‘green’ heart. Our mission is to inspire people to discover their own green heart, as we evolve our human connection with the natural world.

Since 1996 Greenheart Ibiza has worked on environmental projects on the island and has achieved an awareness of brand unlike any other ecological entity in the province. The organisation in Ibiza could be thought of as a type of “project farm.” After years of practice, patience and progression, the majority of effort and action now is concentrated on six key Greenheart projects, a brief description of each follows:

  • Casita Verde. The ecology-education centre and HQ of Greenheart Ibiza since its creation, is an evolving example of off-grid living coupled with educational activities.
  • The Greenheart Guide is a listing of ecological establishments and services on Ibiza & Formentera.
  • Ibiza Limpia is an island cleaning campaign concentrating on tackling the problem of littering, as well as illegal dumping of garbage in forest areas, as well as on beaches and roads of Ibiza.
  • Forada Market. A weekly local products market held in the village of Forada (Buscastell), every Saturday from 10am until 4pm.
  • The ‘Ibiza Fénix’ project, is being designed to create a very different kind of Ibiza experience option during the off-peak season and help to re-establish a flourishing rural economy.
  • The Carob Project aims to to investigate, create and market a range of products, syrups, various drinks, energy bars, puddings, cakes and more using locally grown carob from selected farms in Ibiza.

Greenheart Ibiza is legally represented by the non-profit Ascociación Ibiza Ecologic, which offers a weekly fundraising event each Sunday at Casita Verde with a special open day, where all are welcome to join as members and be part of a growing global family of more than 12,000 members.

Also, every Thursday evening, Casita Verde offers visitors the opportunity to join in another fund raising event, where people are encouraged to discuss and exchange ideas relating to specific topics, which are advertised each week on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/CasitaVerdeIbiza

The development of Greenheart Ibiza’s infrastructure, activities and events has been continuously supported since 2002 by several entities and individuals, but mainly by the Madrid-based Foundation For The Future and CCI/Greenheart in the USA. Read on for more info on how to support the Greenheart movement.

Connecting people through education, music, positive initiatives and natural energy solutions.

GH International

Greenheart International is a global nonprofit that connects people and planet to create a more peaceful and sustainable global community.

Greenheart International is a global nonprofit that connects people and planet to create a more peaceful and sustainable global community. We achieve this through a unique and diverse collection of programs fostering cultural exchange, eco-fair trade, volunteerism, personal development and environmentalism.

Greenheart International envisions a transformation of people and planet:

  • where individuals follow the principles of permaculture and environmental practices to live a sustainable life aligned with nature;
  • where nations transcend borders and belief systems to acknowledge and embrace our global community;
  • where commerce is not based on a model of exploitive trade practices, but on a fair trade system that upholds living wages, safe working conditions, no child labor and environmental practices;
  • where music is regarded and supported for its power to change the world in a positive light;
  • where individuals and societies come together and own the responsibility for being agents of change in their lives and communities

Greenheart Ibiza is a partner of the extended Greenheart family, which includes all of its projects in Ibiza, and its main partner: Greenheart International. Located in Chicago, IL, Greenheart International is a nonprofit organization connecting people and planet to create global leaders and is comprised of four main branches: Greenheart Travel, Greenheart Shop, Greenheart Transforms, and CCI Greenheart.

Learn more about Greenheart International and our partners by visiting the Supporters page.

Our aim is to connect people through education, music, positive initiatives, natural energy solutions.

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