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The Greenheart Guide is a listing of many ecological establishments and service providers on the Pitiusas Islands. Find out how to join here.

Background to the Greenheart Guide

The idea for an eco-guide of the islands emerged from the need to offer a simple and complete listing of all ecological products and services available to both local residents and visiting public.

The first edition of the Greenheart Guide to Ibiza and Formentera was produced and printed as a bilingual edition during 2004, after more or less two years of study and investigation done by a team of volunteers from the local environmental NGO Ibiza Ecologic.

The cost of printing 8000 copies of the guide, was paid by the Madrid based Foundation for the Future, who continue to sponsor many projects from the study group Ibiza Ecologic. The guide went on sale at 5€ per copy and was distributed to many points on the island, as well as being bought in large quantities by the local island government, who presented it at tourist fairs around Europe.

However, since in Ibiza, the population are so accustomed to receiving this kind of guide for free, we decided not to republish the printed version of the publication and instead produced an on-line version, which is of course much cheaper and more convenient to maintain.

There is also a selected version of the guide next to our Casita Verde news page in the local positive news newspaper’ called De todo en Ibiza’, which reaches more than 15000 readers every month.

The guide promotes local eco businesses and activities, as well as aiming to connect residents of the islands and to remind them of the important role the environment plays in ensuring our present and future economic potential. We also want the guide to be successful method of raising public awareness for the conservation and protection of natural and culturally important spaces, including the correct use of recycling facilities and the rational use of land, water and energy. We’d like to help our followers to live a more healthy, meaningful and pleasant lifestyle, showing the advantages of working together for a sustainable and promising common future.

How to Join the Guide

If you wish to have your green business or activity included in the Greenheart Guide, please contact Chris Dews in Ibiza on tel. +34 971 187353, or email: chris@greenheart.info.

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