Casita Verde


Situated in a beautiful valley near the village of San José on Ibiza, Casita Verde is the flagship project of Ibiza Ecologic (a non-profit Association) and can be seen as an eco-education centre, showcasing sustainable living and alternative energies.

Casita Verde is an experiential centre for the study and application of permaculture techniques. It is the headquarters and flagship project of Greenheart Ibiza.

The main venue is a rented farm property, or finca, with sea views and many traditional features of Ibicenco landscape (See video). Since 1996 the original farm has been gradually transformed by volunteers from a small country dwelling on 5.5 hectares of land into a fully-functional and modern ecological education facility, with a growing number of supporters from all over the world.

Throughout its years of development, the centre has been more or less self-funded with revenue from the weekly open-day event, the organised school visits and some private donations from our closest friends and supporters, plus invaluable financial help from a Madrid-based NGO, Foundation for the Future, and our Greenheart partners in Chicago, USA, with whom we work on various fronts.

Casita Verde continues to be filmed, photographed and documented by an ever-increasing variety of local, national and international news and media representatives. However, in order to receive permission to film or photograph the centre, please get in touch before arriving. The centre is open every Sunday for a fundraising and showcase event “Sundays @ Casita Verde” which helps to support and maintain the Casita project and its crew. At the centre visitors can discover how a more sustainable way of life is within reach of every one of us.

Unique features of Casita Verde

  • Resource conservation in action
  • Buildings made from recycled materials like bottles, aluminium cans and wood
  • Alternative living spaces like a tree house, a bottle house and a cal oven house
  • The everyday use of alternative energy like solar and wind power
  • Recycling and compost making
  • Cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs
  • Studies on healthy food preparation and consumption
  • Student education program

Ongoing projects include

  • Maintaining and improving the facilities
  • Building a larger rain-water collecting system
  • Improving alternative energy systems
  • Compiling and presenting information on healthy cooking, organic gardening, recycling, self- empowerment, self-healing, natural medicines and ecological awareness
  • Developing a variety of natural products from locally available materials, like musical instruments, jewellery, art, crafts, skin care and health food
  • Upgrading and improving internet and media presence including the production of an interactive guide to the centre, and music projects
Casita Verde is an experiential centre for the study and application of permaculture techniques.

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