First of all, I’d like to wish all our members and followers a very happy spring time and hope that your own life projects are evolving in the way you’d like them to.

This year, the Casita Verde looks even more like a ‘paradise on Earth’ than ever before and it’s mainly due to all the love, care and hard work that the present home team and wonderful volunteers have recently donated to our common home.

If we thought that March this year was a busy month for our growing team of enthusiastic Greenheart family, I’d say we were in for an even more active and exciting month of April.

Apart from all the events and movements we’re making just now, there are some large projects being developed both at Casita Verde and on the island in general.

The beautiful eco wagon that Dorus Rijkers is building next to our main car park is developing very well and so is the new nature pond, we hope to have finished before the summer arrives. This pond will ensure that we have lots of birds, frogs, dragon flies and of course honey bees in our gardens, due to providing a suitable water supply and natural ecosystem for them to live in. It will be covered with a 10-metre wide green heart, made from dark green shade material, so should be less likely to evaporate in the summer heat. It will also be maintained full of water during the dry season, using several systems to obtain water from the atmosphere.

We intend to use the system to demonstrate how to provide clean drinking water for local wildlife, whilst producing edible fish and natural fertilizer to grow vegetables in a special garden close to the pond.

Anyone wishing to help with either of these two project is welcome to come and join us on Thursdays, from 11am until sunset, when we will celebrate our weekly fundraising event for Granada Ecologic.

Meanwhile, the Ibiza Fènix project is already beginning to fly and there are more wonderful people joining in with the ‘synergy into action’ programme every day. I’ve also been invited to do a TED talk about ‘Democraship’, my new ‘Social leadership’ initiative using the Ibiza Fènix model, in the Cine Regio San Antonio on Sunday the 30th of April from 11am (Tickets are available from, so if you’d like to see the live show, please book early, as there are only around 100 seats in the ampitheatre. Of course, since it’s a TED Talk, it will be published on Youtube, so no problem if you can’t make it!

Speaking of the Fènix initiative, which is now an official NGO, with all the papers in order and an active bank account, we are now involved in the laborious process of making another ten NGO’s with the same same statutes and operating protocol and covering a great variety of topics or branches. Since there already exist local NGO’s dealing with Ecological Agriculture, plus Art & Culture, we will make new groups with the following titles:

  • Waste management (Ibiza Limpia) – already presented
  • Responsible Tourism, Ecological Construction, Ibiza Local products, Ibiza 100% Renewables, Alternative transport, Natural Sports, Holistic Education, Holistic Health
  • Transparent communications and event management, plus Ethical Finance.

To make the process easier and quicker to initiate, we will set up the groups with only three directors until all the paperwork is complete. After this, we will have a general assembly and form a legal working group, which can then begin to operate in their own particular way, within the general structure of the umbrella organisation or central committee Ibiza Fènix. There will be a maximum of 15 voting members in each organisation to avoid a chaotic situation and the elected leaders of each NGO will form the central committee. This is what we’ve called a ‘Democraship’, to give it a suitable title.

The idea is to work as closely as possible with the local administration on the island and share common project initiatives, therefore breaking the wall that usually exists between the local government and the local population in a very easy and comfortable manner, so that everyone can be included in the evolution of our common home – in this case the island of Ibiza.

One example of this is the organised presentation from the Balearic Government, organised by Gianandrea Terlizzi, speaking about solar energy and all the regulations, subsidies etc for both professional installers and anyone else who’s interested to know the real story. This will take place on Tuesday 11th of April at 11am in the ‘Sala de Plenos’ in the Consell Insular d’Eivissa. See our facebook page for full details.

Another example is that we are now working hand in hand with members of the tourism department of the Consell Insular, participating in the new ‘Ibiza es Wellness’ initiative. This is designed to invite conscious tourists to the island in the low season and put some different life into the local economy, by including the many private wellness and alternative tourism groups already established and create a real Synergy between all the stakeholders.

For our own part here at Casita Verde, we are offering a variety of different workshops beginning this Thursday 6th of April and which includes:

Oriental dance, Bollywood or Tribal fusion. In each session you can learn a mini choreography of one of these dances, and besides having fun, we will enjoy all the benefits that we bring.

Oriental Dance: helps us connect with our femininity, works especially the abdominal, pelvic and lumbar area reducing menstrual pain, improving digestion and helping to improve posture, and also improves our self-esteem.
Bollywood dance: with this mixture of Hindu dances that give off joy, passion, strength and sensuality we will improve our coordination in addition to helping us to tone our body.
Tribal dance fusion: derives from oriental dance, maintaining some of its steps, but increasing the intensity of its movements, improving body coordination, toning, flexibility and body awareness.

Valid for anyone, age and sex. Do not need experience, just want to learn and have fun. Minimum donation €5 per session. If you are interested contact Estefania through Casita Verde or write an email to
We also continue with our usual Carob syrup workshop and other of our tasty Casita Verde recipes such as carob brownies, carobchino or our new ‘Forada’ sauce, homemade bread, aloe juice and carobchino with our almond milk –  always supporting the local produce!

If you are interested contact us through or at the local products market in Forada every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Don’t forget, that if you have any questions about alternative lifestyle techniques, or want to know how you can be a more eco-conscious citizen, please come and see us on Sundays, or Thursdays at Casita Verde, Saturdays at the Local products market in Forada, or participate in our weekly cleaning events with the Ibiza Limpia campaign.

Also, we now have the Eco-wagon set up as a display centre for the various eco-building projects you can make yourself at home, or for which we offer workshops at Casita Verde with carpenter / builder Dorus Rijkers from Amsterdam.

These include such things as making a worm farm, installing a Rocket Stove heater, a portable eco-toilet, making a portable solar power generator, or building a solar water heater from recycled materials.
(check us out on for more info on events and workshops at Casita Verde).

You can also get in touch by email, sending your request to, or calling our main office on 971 187353. With warm greetings from Greenheart Ibiza,

Chris Dews