With so many good things happening all around, it’s difficult to choose what to speak about in this month’s news page. Our successful visit to the Smart Island Conference in Calvia (Mallorca) on the 20th and 21st of April, was a big step forwards for our new organisation ‘Ibiza Fènix’.

Myself and our lovely Giada Forneris from Rome, spent two days attending meetings, presentations and workshops, where we were able to see how other islands manage their sustainable programmes. We realised how we can learn so much from each other if we all work together in solving problems of energy and food security, mobility and land use, plus how to share best practices for the sustainable development of our tourism industry, which seems to be one of the main sources of income for most of the islands attending the conference.

We also met up with our ex vice-president of Ibiza Ecologic, Ana Digón, who now lives in Mallorca and was at the conference simultaneously translating for many of the presentations and who is presently in Casita Verde to do some workshops on ‘Meetings Facilitation’, which is just one of her many talents.

At the very end of last month, I made a successful TED Talk in the Cine Regio in San Antonio here on the island, when I introduced the basic concept of the ‘Ibiza Fènix’ Social Leadership initiative, during a speech of around 12 minutes called ‘The magic of synergy and how to tune into it’. (Here I’d like to thank all the wonderful people who helped me to prepare myself for the presentation, which was quite a challenge in my case and required some intense training from professional coaches!)

So far we have successfully set up the main Ibiza Fènix group, with an operational bank account as the centre of this horizontal yet multi-dimensional structure, plus registered the new Association Ibiza Limpia, together with Cristina Ramos from Galicia, and another called ‘Responsible Tourism’, led by Lorena González from Barcelona. Hopefully, in the next week or so, we’ll register the new NGO for ‘Transparent communication and event management’, led by Giada Forneris, then very soon after that, another for local products before the end of May.

Apart from all the stories around the Ibiza Fènix project, we are also involved in an international event here involving some of the top ‘Game Changers’ from around the world, who will come to Ibiza this month for their yearly get-together. Some 100 of these wonderful people will join us for a special ‘Give back day’ here in Casita Verde on Sunday 21st of May and later go to clean up the beaches of Ses Salines and Es Cavallet, together with around 50 children from the Morna College near Santa Gertrudis. This united gesture marks the beginning of a whole series of international coordination and cooperation between the Greenheart movement and other like-minded groups of inspired and inspiring individuals from many different countries.

Hopefully, it will also serve to inspire both the local government and residents of Ibiza to work in harmony and peace, initiating a huge change of direction for our still beautiful island paradise and helping us to move forwards in co-creating a world where we’d all like to live!

Don’t forget, that if you have any questions about alternative lifestyle techniques, or want to know how you can be a more eco-conscious citizen, please come and see us on Sundays, or Thursdays at Casita Verde, Saturdays at the Local products market in Forada, or participate in our weekly cleaning events with the Ibiza Limpia campaign. Check us out on www.facebook.com/CasitaVerdeIbiza for more info on events and workshops at Casita Verde.

You can also get in touch by email, sending your request to info@casitaverde.com, or calling our main office on 971 187353.

With warm greetings from Casita Verde,
Chris Dews – coordinator