At last the winter has arrived and with it some much needed rain, to water our dry fields and gardens, giving life to our island once again. However, we cannot complain about the wonderful autumn we received here in Ibiza and all those beautiful sunny days we spent outside enjoying the nature.

Here in Casita Verde, we’re busy as usual with our increasing number of in-house projects and engagements with other entities on the island, as we continue to expand the Ibiza Fènix ‘Social leadership’ movement deeper inside the local community. During the month of November, we managed to make several meetings with different groups, including various members of the island council, in order to discuss various projects related to the rapidly evolving Ibiza Fènix movement.

We also sent a team consisting of two of our staff (Giada Forneris and Paola Diaz de Leon), to participate in workshops and conferences in both Madrid and in Valladolid.

In representation of the new NGO Ibiza Limpia they began the formative process to participate in a workshop connected with the European funded Integrated Coastal Management project, proposed by the European Research Institute from Italy. The other event was a conference about Sustainable Tourism, celebrated in Valladolid and oriented towards internal tourism inside Spain. This is the second such conference we have attended in the last two months and is part of our ongoing study within the Responsible Tourism branch of the Fènix movement.

Giada Forneris, who attended both conferences is actually contracted by the island  council to develop a public sensibilisation project inviting a different style of tourism to the island as part of the general effort to improve the quality of our yearly tourism offer and move towards a more responsible and sustainable tourism model for our famous island of Ibiza.

The Waste Management branch of the Fènix organisation is also presently in the process of developing a new and very exciting inter-island project called ‘Dos Manos’, organised by the Mallorcan group ‘Ondine’ and copying a very successful educational process developed since 12 years in Australia. This project is being developed by Cristina Ramos, the secretary from Ibiza Limpia, together with several other island ecology groups and is due to begin working in local schools from January next year.

From the 18th to the 26th of November, our Ibiza Limpia group participated in the European week of waste reduction, making three different events, which included a clean-up of the whole area around the Saturday local products market at Forada, a demonstration of how to use the garbage reporting Apps ‘Linea Verde’ and ‘Litterati’ at Casita Verde, plus a clean-up of the Cala Gracio and Cala Gracio Neta beaches. We also joined the group which was organised by the island council, visiting the recycling separation plant in front of the Gesa chimney, where we learned how the island’s recycling system works and how much material is sent off the island for transformation into new materials.

On the 30th of November, the Ibiza Fènix team organised a presentation about Industrial Hemp production in Ibiza, together with help from the Eco Agriculture organisation and Eco Feixes (the cooperative responsible for the distribution of eco agricultural products on the island). The conference, guided by Granada based technician Francisco Puertas was celebrated in Cas Seres next to Ibiza town and was attended by over 30 participants. The introduction of industrial hemp in Ibiza, will add a wonderful new product to the growing selection of local super-food products which are now available in Ibiza, including Almonds, Carob and Aloe Vera.


With all these wonderful and super healthy local food supplements, we can now think seriously about making a line of commercially viable exports, in order to encourage both local farmers and entrepreneurs to return to their agricultural lands and make a decent living.

Other interesting developments we are involved with, is the progress of the now famous Mar Blava initiative, winning the battle to declare a safe migration route for sea mammals from the Gulf of Leon all the way down to the Straits of Gibraltar and prohibit further oil exploration in the Spanish Mediterranean.

We also joined in the meetings from the newly formed ‘Alianza por el Agua (water Alliance), helping to create their new campaign ‘Ni una gota al la mar’ (not a drop in the sea), designed to raise public awareness and to save our precious water supplies from further depletion.

Finally, we’d like to advise all our members that they are invited to join in our annual General Assembly for the Association ‘Ibiza Eclogic’ due to be celebrated on Thursday the 28th of December from 7pm until 9pm at our main centre in Casita Verde. Here we will present all our present and future projects, financial accounts and future plans for the evolution of our 21 year old ecology movement here in Ibiza.

Please try to let us know if you intend to come to this meeting, then we can be sure to prepare a large enough space for the event. Of course, after the meeting there will be the usual tasty vegan dinner, plus a selection of natural local juices and beverages and some time for interesting conversations between like-minded people.

We’d also like to wish all our friends and followers a very wonderful Christmas celebration and wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year for 2018!

Meanwhile, don’t forget, that if you have any questions about alternative lifestyle techniques, or want to know how you can be a more eco-conscious citizen, please come and see us on Sundays, or Thursdays at Casita Verde, or on Saturdays at the Local products market in Forada.

You can also get in touch by email, sending your request to, or calling our main office on 971 187353.

Our recommended movie this month is the recently released ‘Food choice and sustainablility’. Click on this link to watch the movie:

With warm greetings from Casita Verde,

Chris Dews – coordinator