First of all, I’d like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and fortunate New Year for 2018.

Obviously, as many more people are beginning to wake up and accept their spiritual or universal calling, we are all very excited to see how fast we can get out of the global mess before we are consumed by our own waste, the catastrophic effects of global warming and the horrors of social injustice. It’s clearly time to reflect on our own responsibility towards changing our planet and its growing human population into the kind of world where we’d all like to live and hopefully thrive, offering a much happier future for every one of us.

Here in Casita Verde Ibiza, we are also moving very quickly with all our projects, both old and new, so 2018 promises to be a year of multi-level actions and multi-level results. We already have quite a large team of resident volunteers for this time of the year and there are more on the way, so it looks like we’ll have a completely full house at the beginning of March. There are also members of the public turning up to lend us a hand and our membership of the parent group ‘Ibiza Ecologic’ continues to rise weekly, as more and more first time visitors manage to find us (we now have more than official 14,500 members).

We already have at least six possible candidates for our three month City & Guilds course in Community Development, which begins in mid March and runs through until mid June.

This year, we will continue to study topics such as local products development and sale, new agricultural initiatives such as Industrial Hemp and Aloe Vera, combined with the traditional Almond and Carob industry, to enhance the possibility of returning our local countryside to its former glory and ensuring our future economic stability.

Actually, on this topic, we have recently teamed up with the ibicenco company ‘Frutos Secos de Ibiza’, to develop a range of delicious food products based on our original Carob Syrup recipe, with the addition of almonds, Aloe Vera and hemp seeds, from crops being planted this month on several local farms.

Other projects on the list include the development of cycling routes for locals and visitors, the introduction of best sustainable practices for local businesses entities, improving the low season tourism offer to include more of the local population and teaching people how to be more self sustainable, using natural energy, home produced food and other essential resources, in order o make our island much more resilient.

This month, our local NGO ‘Ibiza Ecologic’, has been chosen to be featured by the Balearic TV and radio company IB3, to be featured on a series of programmes called TOTS DONAM UNA MÀ (All given one hand). This is a great honor for our twenty-two year old environmental organisation and will mean that we have a fabulous opportunity to inform the local population about everything we are doing in relation to help save our natural environment, plus explain our relationship to other organisations also working for the benefit of conserving our still very beautiful island. Of course we will inform all our members when the TV and radio shows are due to be released, so we can all enjoy watching and listening to the programmes.

Our Ibiza Fènix social leadership initiative continues to expand in an organic way, as we continue to have regular meetings every Thursday evening at Casita Verde and to also strengthen our links with the main players working in the many branches of activities covered by the overall master plan. Hopefully, very soon, our new website will be ready to go live and we will be even more prepared for a year of full-on action!

One branch of the Fènix tree which is very active just now, is the Ibiza Limpia NGO, which has taken on an exceptionally well designed educational programme called ‘Dos Manos’ (Two Hands), as spoken about in last month’s newsletter and which consists of three major parts. To begin with, the action team team will make a series of classes in local schools, to explain to younger students the serious problem of ocean plastics in our world today, then invite the pupils to clean up a local beach, as a practical demonstration of how we can help solve the problem. Later on, older students will analyse the plastic waste collected by the younger ones and think up smart solutions to avoid this kind of waste material from entering into our natural environment in the first place.

All in all, the idea of the project, is to educate the young population about the whole concept of plastic pollution and encourage them to be an integral part of the solution.

At last we have managed to secure a piece of suitable land and a house in Granada, to begin our second Casita Verde project on the Spanish mainland, between Granada city and the Mediterranean coast. The new site, which will be managed by Rey Aldana (el Cubanito), has three and a half hectares of land and a small house with beautiful views, also a long contract with very nice French people who live in Cadiz.

On Tuesday the 9th of January, I will go with Cubanito and our friend Alfonso Fernandez, to take the rest of the solar equipment and other necessary materials to the new Casita Verde, travelling in our Ford bus, then have a little opening party on Wednesday the 10th of January to celebrate the birthday of Cubanito and launch the new project.

On the return journey from Granada to Ibiza, we will bring back some bags of Industrial Hemp seeds to plant on various farms this month, plus a selection of small scale electrical machinery to transform the hemp into a variety of useful products here at Casita Verde.

Hopefully, this will give a good start to this new and exciting agricultural business prospect and further pave the way to realising our ideas of an auto-sufficient island economy.

Beginning this month, Casita Verde offers a chance for willing volunteers from the local community to come and spend the day with us, working alongside our permanent team, on various projects now under development at the main centre. These include finishing the eco-wagon presently being built by our wonderful builder / carpenter Dorus Rijkers, plus finishing our wildlife pond, planting a new field of Aloe Vera and a whole list of other interesting jobs where our visiting volunteers can learn new abilities inside the concept of sustainable lifestyle practices. This offer will be open from Tuesday until Friday each week, from 10.30am until around 5pm and will of course be supported by an offer of food and drinks for those working on our in-house projects.

Finally, after a successful workshop on how to build your own portable solar energy generator, which took place on Thursday the 4th of January, we also showed a very informative documentary called The breakthrough in renewable energy – you  can see the movie at home following this link:​

Meanwhile, don’t forget, that if you have any questions about alternative lifestyle techniques, or want to know how you can be a more eco-conscious citizen, please come and see us on Sundays, or Thursdays at Casita Verde, or on Saturdays at the Local products market in Forada.

You can also get in touch by email, sending your request to, or calling our main office on 971 187353.

With warm greetings from Casita Verde,

Chris Dews – coordinator