It’s that magic month of March again and the moment for some exciting new adventures, as the Ibiza springtime fills the air with a promise of love, warmth and sunshine.

With so many wonderful new ideas and movements going on in Ibiza, it’s a very exciting time for us ‘ecologists in action’ and I spend many of my days jumping from one meeting to another, in an attempt to keep myself up to date with everything that’s evolving in a positive direction.

It seems also that the local government is moving towards the idea of a totally sustainable tourism destination, plus introducing new legislation to cut greenhouse emissions, promote the use of electric and public transport, as well as generally moving towards encouraging a more eco-conscious local society.

Our recent invitation to present our Ibiza Fènix initiative to a wider public, using the ‘Business Space Ibiza’ as our new base in the centre of Ibiza town may just be what we need to get this movement off to a good start this year.

So far, for the month of March, we have the following programme set in place and hope that many of our members will make the effort to come along and participate.

The weekly meetings will begin at 8pm and continue until around 10pm each Tuesday. Participation is free and the sessions will be as interesting as we can make them, so please try to join us if you have the time to help in designing the kind of world where everyone wants to live!

Here’s the programme we have set up for this month:

  • 6th March:  Ibiza Fenix introduction and development ideas (general introduction)

The Ibiza Fènix project is a ‘social leadership initiative’ designed to allow everyone in the community the opportunity to participate with the positive evolution of the place they live, using ‘Synergy into action‘ as the main driving force behind this new and ambitious movement.

The different branches of activity, include: Waste management, Responsible Tourism, Ecological Agriculture, Eco Construction, Local products, Renewable Energy and Natural Resource Management, Sustainable Transport, Natural Sports, Holistic Education, Art & Culture, Holistic Health, Transparent Communication and Events management, plus Ethical Finance.

Presented by Chris Dews, Giada Forneris and Camila Mejia.

  • 13th March  Event management, Introduction of the Ibiza Ecolandia idea and event planning

The idea of the Ibiza Ecolandia Festival, is to make a one day interactive event to be celebrated in a suitable location on Sunday the 27th of May 2018 and which could be repeated at the beginning or end of each summer season, presenting the main projects involved in the Ibiza Fènix movement. This should also serve to promote a different worldwide image of Ibiza and help to stimulate a more sustainable future for this well known magical island.

The festival, which could be seen as a shop window for all that is good in Ibiza, can unite both local government and business entities in a combined effort to attract a better quality tourism to the island. This can include emerging business offers like Eco-tourism and healthy lifestyle techniques, plus companies offering ecological products and services, such as Renewable Energy and Sustainable Transport, Natural Resource and Waste Management, Eco-Construction and Organic Farming, Natural Sports and Wellness programs, as well as non government organisations working to improve the natural environment.

Presented by: Giada Forneris, Chris Dews and Dieke from Ibiza2love.

  • 20th March  Eco agriculture & Local products

With growing concerns about food security and the contamination of both our food, groundwater and agricultural land, the worldwide ecological farming movement is expanding at an exponential rate. Here in Ibiza, we are also experiencing a rapid rate of growth in organic farming, plus an incredible expansion of eco-product shops, restaurants and distribution services. The demand for local and organic food is also rising exponentially, as both residents and visitors see the benefits of eating seasonal and locally produced fruit and vegetables, including fish, meat and dairy products. There is also a call for young people to return to their traditional lands in order to provide food security for a more resilient and independent local community.

Presented by Cati Boned from Eco Feixes & Luca Criscuolo from Etikology.

  • 27th March  Holistic Health + Natural Sports

For a few years now, there has been a gradual increase in the number and quality of natural health offers from the island of Ibiza. This is also a trend which is widely supported by the island government, who have recently sponsored the creation of a special website to promote the evolution of wellness tourism into the future. (see

Natural Sports is another rapidly growing market, as more locals and visitors seek to enjoy the natural wealth of the island and participate in natural sports and wellness programs offered by an ever increasing number of different commercial enterprises and private individuals. From walking and kayaking, swimming and snorkeling, sailing and windsurfing, to rock climbing and caving, running and cycling, Ibiza can offer an enormous variety of healthy activities all year round.

Presented by: Delia de Miguel, Miguel Ferrero and Toby Clarke.

See or  for more details.

With regards to our recent initiative to grow ‘Industrial Hemp’ on the island, we finally have only one ‘pilot cultivation’ planted, on an ecological farm just behind the Morna International school.

Thanks to the dedicated work of the farm owners (Ana and Pepe), all the relevant paperwork has been completed and permissions obtained for planting.

Before the crop is ready for harvest at the end of April, their 14 year old son, will give a presentation about the benefits of planting Industrial Hemp on the island and its development as part of the expanding possibilities for successful organic farming practices into the future!

The latest news from our friend Rey Aldana (el Cubanito) in Granada, is that the new ‘Granada Ecologic’ team has been officially registered with the local authorities, an account has been opened with the Triodes Ethical Bank and the second Casita Verde project is on the way to opening its doors to both visitors and volunteers in the very near future. I intend to go over and check out the progress of the new centre later this month, if I can spare a few days away from my busy programme of activities here in Ibiza.

This month, we’ll also have a visit from our French collaborator Alain Brouste, who was helping to run Casita Verde here on the island for a couple of years and intends to set up his own local Ecological NGO, plus the third Casita Verde, on his own land in the region of Gascony, Western France some time next year.

Meanwhile, our first model of an active ecology centre ‘Casita Verde Ibiza’, continues its constant evolution as a ‘project farm’ and  ‘laboratory’ for the design and development of innovative local food recipes and sustainable living practices.

As the idea of finding a feasible system to achieve a more promising lifestyle is still a hot topic for the whole planet, our recommended video for this month is:

Paradise or Oblivion – presenting the The Venus project from Jacque Fresco:

Meanwhile, don’t forget, that if you have any questions about alternative lifestyle techniques,

or want to know how you can be a more eco-conscious citizen, please come and see us on Sundays, or Thursdays at Casita Verde, or on Saturdays at the Local products market in Forada.

You can also get in touch by email, sending your request to, or calling our main office on 971 187353 / 608838190.

With warm greetings from Casita Verde,

Chris Dews – coordinator