After a long hot summer, we finally begin to see some green life coming back to the land, mainly thanks to the very heavy unseasonal rains that fell in the second week of August.

It seems that our calculations for filling up the new Casita Verde nature pond with water were even more encouraging than we first imagined, since the pond filled up to the top in only half an hour, collecting rainwater from the whole mountainside above and channeling it all into the half finished reservoir. Obviously, filling the pond with rain water isn’t going to be much of a problem, when it rains! Keeping it full over the long summer with no rain however, will surely be a challenge and an interesting study project for our home team…

Also this year, we seem to have jumped forwards with the seasonal weather pattern and had to harvest most of our figs during the middle to last part of August, instead of during the first part of September, as is usually the case. Whether this is due to current Global Warming symptoms or not remains debatable, but it did give us a lot of work to do, while we were already struggling in the heat to collect all our almonds and carobs from the home farm.

Speaking of almonds, we recently purchased a couple of very useful machines, to add to our growing collection of electrical kitchen gadgets. One is a small almond cracker from Turkey, which actually cracks around 50kg of almonds per hour and uses very little power. The other is a special machine from China, which presses almonds to extract the very nutritious oil inside and also makes a light and crispy bi-product, which can be used as a tasty topping for our by now quite popular vegan icecream.

We bought these two machines as part of our experiment to make as many different products from what we grow on the Casita Verde farm, plus what’s available from the island, hopefully taking us closer to becoming 100% self sufficient one day in the near future.

Of course, this month, we go on with our weekly presentations of different branches of the Ibiza Fènix project, eventually hoping to cover all the topics before the middle of October, when we plan to make a bigger event and invite all the players at the same time. See for more information about this interesting concept in Social Leadership.

Meanwhile, we are working on many plans within the newly formed Ibiza Limpia group and have some interesting projects lined up for both this winter and next spring time, including the ‘Adopt a Beach’ school campaign, due to begin next February with a 3 month pilot project, the introduction of a special App to register the appearance of garbage in our environment (see, plus our involvement with a worldwide effort to clean the whole planet in one day, on the 15th of September 2018, which has already been tried out successfully in Estonia, where the idea was tried out. (

Also in September, we will be offering a presentation of a special book called ‘Una Vida Inteligente’ (A smart life), by Spanish author Susana Cabrero, on Sunday the 24th of September at Casita Verde, starting at 4pm. See

It took Susana four years to write this book, based on her experiences and knowledge on how to apply Emotional Intelligence, interacting with the different aspects of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being, in order to help people make the necessary changes and achieve a more prosperous and happy life. (Emotional Intelligence helps you take the unforeseen events of life with calmness and objectivity. It allows you to know yourself better, to discard from your life everything that harms you and attract what makes you happy). Susana will also be offering a 5 hour workshop on this subject on Thursday the 28th of September, also at Casita Verde. See our Facebook page for more details of this offer,

On a final note, Casita Verde will be once again participating 100% in the yearly Almond Party, scheduled to take place in the farm called ‘Sa Rota d’en Coca’, which it is easy to see on the right hand side at the entrance of Santa Inés, on Saturday the 30th of September, from 5pm until 8pm. Here you will find many products made from our local almonds and be invited to participate in a variety of workshops making products with almonds. There will be traditional ibicenco dancing (Ball Pagés), world music from ‘Casita Verde sound system’ and lot’s of wonderful people to talk to about the future of almond production on the island.

Please come along with all the family and enjoy this very special event with us, learn all about almonds and taste the real Ibiza countryside!

Meanwhile, don’t forget, that if you have any questions about alternative lifestyle techniques, or want to know how you can be a more eco-conscious citizen, please come and see us on Sundays, or Thursdays at Casita Verde, or on Saturdays at the Local products market in Forada.

You can also get in touch by email, sending your request to, or calling our main office on 971 187353.

With warm greetings from Casita Verde,
Chris Dews – coordinator