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The Ibiza Fènix project is a 'social leadership initiative.'

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About Ibiza Fènix

It seems that the social structures in most parts of the world, including the island of Ibiza, are not always designed for sustainable development and that this will soon lead us into big trouble if we make no attempt to change the operating system.

The Ibiza Fènix project is a ‘social leadership initiative’ designed to allow everyone in the community the opportunity to participate with the positive evolution of the place they live, as part of well organized and totally horizontal development plan. Creating many branches of activities, each with its own NGO (Non Government Organization) and board of directors, we can encourage the island residents to move towards a commonly agreed direction, by inviting potential ‘Game Changers’ to participate in its formation.

To do this we have begun the study programme by registering an umbrella NGO with some very good statutes, allowing a maximum of 15 voting participants and with a maximum of 14 different branches of activity, including:

Waste management, Responsible Tourism, Ecological Agriculture, Eco Construction, Local products, Renewable Energy and Natural Resource Management, Alternative Transport, Natural Sports, Holistic Education, Art & Culture, Holistic Health, Transparent Communication and Events management, plus Ethical Finance.

We’ve chosen to use the ‘carob tree‘ as the symbol for our new invention, which promotes smart and ecological thinking – Building a showcase for responsible and sustainable tourism. Just like the Fènix project, the carob tree joins cosmic energy with Earth energy, it’s always green and it’s always working (it’s either in fruit or in flower all the time). If a branch falls down, it usually gets up again. It can also survive extreme drought conditions, due to its extensive root system. It’s self fertalising and it produces a delicious fruit, which can sustain a persons life. Even the wood from this tree is great for keeping your house warm in the winter!

We are now in the process of registering the different NGO’s, or branches, with the same operating protocol and banking system, so that each branch can organize its own team of voting participants and their own president. The main Ibiza Fènix team will eventually consist of the presidents representing each branch of the Fènix Tree and who will be the ones responsible for the correct and democratic development of that part of the community, as well as democratically helping to decide on the future direction of the study project area. In this pilot case, the island of Ibiza.

Hopefully, this new and more equalized system, involving the many talented people we have here, will enable us to advance the human presence on planet Earth in a horizontal and harmonic fashion, using ‘Synergy Into Action‘ as the driving force behind the movement towards a common goal – ‘a world where we would all like to live’, and to leave a legacy of abundant life for both for our children and our still beautiful universal spaceship!

As soon as the system is all set up and in motion, our first job will be to help make the very unique island of Ibiza into ‘a showcase for advanced, smart and ecological thinking, as well as a successful model for eco tourism‘.

The Fènix project, when successful on the island of Ibiza, can then be exported to other destinations which have suffered as a result of using a non sustainable life support model. We can only succeed with this metamorphosis by tuning into our collective energy and transforming everything which causes the degradation of natural resources, the loss of biodiversity and the unnecessary destruction of the natural environment into a positive and regenerative movement. It really is Time to Change, so this is a real call for action!

Anyone interested learning more about this project should get in touch with Chris Dews – email Telephone: +34 971 187353 / +34 608838190 (English / Spanish).

Please visit for the main website.

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