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The Greenheart 'Ibiza Fénix' project aims to create a very different kind of Ibiza experience option during the off-peak season, and help to re-establish a flourishing rural economy.

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Ibiza Fénix – 2016


Ibiza volunteer education experience for a flourishing, sustainable rural economy.

The Greenheart ‘Ibiza Fénix’ project is being designed to create a very different kind of Ibiza experience option during the off-peak season and help to re-establish a flourishing rural economy. This non-competitive, educational and environmentally friendly offer to pro-active visitors and island residents, initially during the period between October and May, could be a promising alternative to our vulnerable and obviously unsustainable tourism offer of today. It will also enable the whole island to be directly involved in a more sustainable and more interactive economic model, which also includes those who live in isolated areas, or who may have limited resources to improve their own sustainable initiatives.

Description of project

By connecting already established walking routes around the island, with farm houses and alternative centres providing shelter and food, educational workshops and work experiences, Ibiza can offer to walkers and cyclists (plus horse riders in appropriate areas), an opportunity to travel around some of the most beautiful parts of our island, learn about many aspects of local culture and history, as well as learning new skills and feeling good, whilst directly adding their knowledge, energy and economic benefit to an increasing percentage of the permanent local community.

Many people in country houses also need some helping hands to keep the place in a good and safe condition, so in order to complement this eco-educational offer with an alternative exchange system, we suggest that part or even all of the exchange can be made in hours of work. (The value of the exchange will of course vary, depending on the quality of the offer given to the visitor and be carefully regulated by the ‘Ibiza Fénix’ organisation, with help from local government and various interested organisations).

Also, special insurance coverage for visitors will ensure there are no administrative problems. Apart from the possibility of European funding and donations from other entities, the idea of the project is to be self supporting. Therefore, all actual profits and gains should be in some way re-invested into the project (this may be used for maintenance of the route, restoration of structures and infrastructure important to the project, plus improvements to the safety and comfort, educational quality and level of client satisfaction from this new concept in ‘Regenerative Rural Economy’. Funds would also be used for management of bookings, website presence and advertising, documentation, office management and general coordination of the whole pilot or ‘study’ project).

The pilot phase at least will be operated and controlled by a new NGO, ‘Ibiza Fénix’, which is being set up , in order to create and support the initiative and it is proposed that everyone who is involved in the project, including the volunteers, will need to be at some level, members of the same organisation.

In this way, we can enjoy having a shared responsibility for the success of this innovative model of Rural Economic Development and can all participate in its evolution, without undue stress or risk.

Expected result

This kind of active volunteer offer, when presented with great care and consideration for the local population, should result in a natural renovation of the countryside and give an economical life-line to the future of the people involved in its development. It will also provide an excellent opportunity for our visitors to see and experience the real magic of the island we have all come to love and enjoy, while causing very little disturbance to anyone or any thing.

Meetings began in early February this year and continue on a much more frequent and higher level.

Anyone interested learning more about this project should get in touch with Chris Dews – email Telephone: +34 971 187353 / +34 608838190 (English / Spanish).

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